Brands within the Sports & Entertainment (S&E) industry have a distinct advantage when using the Chirpsaw platform.

Chirpsaw was designed to provide brands with a multi-channel digital approach to engaging their fan base.  Within S&E, fans are most passionate after specific polarizing moments in time.

At every home game the audience is comprised of three role types:

  1. Fans of the home team
  2. Fans of the away team
  3. Attendees that are indifferent.

Although there are three unique roles within the audience, combined, they are all one customer during the time they are at your venue.

Having a call-to-action pre, during, and post game - that is presented in a game fashion - allowing attendees to answer with their mobile device, will give you a much larger response rate than traditional surveys.

Fans of bands or movies are just as passionate as those attending a sporting event.  Knowing the window you have within a moment, the Chirpsaw platform can deliver the appropriate question at the appropriate time so you can deepen your level of engagement with that fan base.