Polls have become a big part of larger brand's social media strategy.  Using micro-content to solicit a quick response has become widely popular. The results are far greater than a traditional survey.

Chirpsaw takes this to the next level with the ability to create a Q&A experience using polls, trivia, quiz, or surveys.

Brands will have the ability to post a single Q&A event or a multi-event campaign, across social media channels, website, and mobile.

As responses come in, those playing can see their odds of winning the prize based on if they answered the question correctly.

The consumer chooses whether or not they want to reveal their identity for a chance to win the prize.

This type of structure campaign can help you connect the dots of which customers are actively using Twitter.

Imagine the type of analysis you could do if you knew which Twitter handle matched which customers? This type of marketing intelligence will give you the ability to engage your audience in ways you never thought possible.