One of the most impactful ways to deliver questions is through your social media channels.  Your audience feels the most secure within an environment they have used over the years.


Using Chirpsaw's API integration, questions can come directly from your app. The is an effective way to notify everyone with your app that a question has been activated.


The third channel in collecting answers to your questions is via your website or web advertising.  Chirpsaw's url based infrastructure gives you the flexibility to activate multiple web outlets.


According to Microsoft Canada's attention span study, your audience has an attention span of 8 seconds.

Chirpsaw gives you the ability to engage your audience in an innovative way by allowing you to control when questions are published to their mobile device.

When your audience is introduced with an opportunity to win a prize - based on their answer and speed - their attention span may just increase to that of a goldfish (9 seconds).


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Congratulations! Your brand has reached a milestone of Twitter followers!  Now what?

And that's just Twitter, what about all other social outlets?  What about those on your mobile app?  And those that visit your website?

Chirpsaw can coordinate a strategic digital campaign to collect the response data you desire, while still capturing leads


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